The trophy was donated to Phoenix Badminton Club by former member Jim Pitcairn - Hill when he left to work in America.  His wish was that an annual tournament  would be played by all registered club members. Taking place at the end of each match season, usually April / May. Pairings were randomly drawn from the list of members, resulting in combinations of Mixed, Men's and sometimes  Ladies pairs.  Handicaps for each pairing were allocated according to ability, strength, experience and match play.

This Tournament was always a popular Phoenix Club event.

In 2015 a new trophy was donated by Phoenix Badminton Club and the first tournament was played 5th May.

The Andy Brown Memorial Trophy

Pitcairn Hill Trophy

1991                                            2006   

E. Seymour - B Seymour    A. Jones - T. Little

1992                                            2007

D. Ceeley - M. Cummings   J. Shipman - M. Hawkins

1993                                            2008

C. Neale - F. Dowling    S. Taylor - G. Sudell

1994                                            2009

J.  Matthewson - M. Bates   N. Clelland - M. Fuller

1996                                            2010

P. Weekes - S. Aye    A. Rendall - G. Sudell

1997                                            2011

P. Weekes - B. Seymour      G. Sudell - S. Hill

1998                                            2012

C. Butfoy - E. Nelson    G. Sudell - M. Hawkins

2000                                           2013

H. Fox - P. Butler     M. Wolfe - A. Davies

2002                                           2014

J. Hodges - I. Shoard    D. Wolfe - J. Shipman

2003                                           2015

A. Rendall - P. Tebbutt    Andy Brown memorial trophy -

2005       inaugural tournament

P. Nightingale - M. Holmes

Missing years were seasons when the Committee decided not to hold a tournament due to a diminished membership or lack of organisation.